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technically trained

Jul 28, 2018
technically trained
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来了 来了 !!! 我们Reenex Curtain Design 的战士们 每个星期都会有专业培训的一天 所以不用担心你们要的 Curtain与Wallpaper会找不到适合的 赶紧来联络我们Reenex Curtain Design 寻找适合你们的Curtain与Wallpaper✔
Our Reenex Curtain Design warriors attend professional skills training & products information update every week. We trained to provide our professional idea & opinion to assist your interior furnishing solution. Let's contact Reenex Curtain Design to find out our latest curtains & wallpapers design.✔
预约号码 : 016 711 3070 Kelly Tan


Jul 24, 2018
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"Wallpaper"对于很多人来说大家都不是真正的明白为什么要粘壁纸,壁纸能够容易更换而且耐看度也很久,壁纸款式如果配搭得到家里的风格就能让家里带来一种温馨的感觉与气氛。当然壁纸也有分不同的质地,所以在选择wallpaper的时候必须要谨慎选择避免买到不适合的。如果不知道要如何选择,别担心可以联系我们Reenex Curtain Design。我们有专业的顾问来为你做产品介绍与配搭设计服务。 快来向我们预约时间了解详情吧~

People don't really understand why to stick wallpaper, in fact wallpaper can be easily replaced, and durability. Wallpaper design if match the style that gets home, can let the home bring a kind of sweet feeling and atmosphere.

Of course,wallpaper also has different materials, so when choosing wallpaper, you must choose carefully to avoid buying inappropriate wallpaper. If you don't know how to choose, don't worry about contacting the Reenex Curtain Design. We have a professional consultant to do product introduction and matching design service for you. Please make an appointment with us for more details

欢迎预约 : 016 711 3070 Kelly Tan

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