Reenex Curtain Design
30, Jalan Gaya 28,
Taman Gaya,
81800 Ulu Tiram,
Johor, Malaysia.
+6016-7113070 (Kelly)
+6016-7728102 (Steven)
+6016-7723070 (Office HP)

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About Us

Reenex Curtain Design is a professional manufacturer and exporter of many kinds of window covering products. With objective of bringing together more resources through a large network in order to provide more comprehensive services, Reenex Group was established.

We specialized in manufacturing distributing variety of resort styles Indoor and Outdoor Window Covering Product Series.We focus in producing high quality, diversity categories of exceptional stylish window covering product series.

Our Window covering product series are made from superior materials, which are superb for both interior and exterior use. With its distinctive full range of specifications, elegant, graceful with novelty design and patterns, window covering product series could match any combination of outdoor and indoor upholstery and enhance the ideal nature lifestyle.

Reenex believe in sharing our experience with customers to create the fineness lifestyle. Currently, we are one of the main manufacturers in Johor and Singapore. We have proven prestige records and precious experiences by serving number of families, hotels, resorts and organizations.

Reenex are keen to explore new business opportunity around the world. Enquiries from local or abroad retailers, wholesalers, importers, exporters, organizations and even home users are most welcome. In addition, we are also offering attractive offers and exclusive export conditions for any export opportunities in order to establish long-term mutual beneficial business relationships.

Reenex Curtain Design 是一家专业窗帘产品生产和出口商。为了汇集更多资源以提供更全面的服务,于是成立了 Reenex Group



Reenex 希望与客户分享我们的经验,创造更出色的窗帘设计。目前,我们是柔佛和新加坡的主要制造商之一。这些年来,我们通过与众多家庭,酒店,度假村和团体合作,不断推广我们服务以提升公司的名声和获得宝贵经验。

Reenex 渴望探索全球的寻找新商机。 我们欢迎当地或国外零售商,批发商,进口商,出口商,团体甚至家庭用户拨电询问。 此外,我们还为任何出口商提供优惠和独家的出口条件,以建立长期互利的业务关系。

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