Reenex Curtain Design
make your home beautiful!
Reenex Curtain Design
make your home beautiful!
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11年窗帘定制一站式服务 窗帘供应商 一手货源

Reenex Curtain Design is the leading supplier of high-quality curtains & window blinds in Johor Bahru (JB). We not only supply, but also design, install & provide professional advice to choose the best curtains or blinds for your home.

We specialize in day & night curtain design, blackout curtain design, roller blind design, vertical blind design, venetian blind design, timber/wooden blind design and many more.

We have a curtain design specialist team ready to help you to design your home curtain & blinds perfectly fit your needs and requirements with the added practical and functional benefits at competitive prices.

4 Important Tips On How To Choose Curtains

Don’t know how to choose curtains for your home? Let Reenex Curtain Design with 11 years of experience in curtain design guide you!

Reenex Curtains

Can’t choose between day, night & blackout curtains? Meet at our showroom or talk to our curtain design expert, Kelly today! We have an extensive selection of colours, fabrics and designs for you to choose from.
Reenex Day Curtains

Day Curtains (纱布)

Day curtains also known as sheer curtains are designed to allow natural sunlight to peek into the room during the day.

As day curtains do not provide a high degree of privacy during the night when it is dark outside and the inside of your home is lit up, day curtains are usually paired with night curtains.

  • Made from lightweight materials such as organza and lace
  • Softens light, reduces glare & intensity of direct sunlight
  • Provide daytime privacy
  • Easy to clean but get dirty easily due to its light colour
Reenex Night Curtains

Night Curtains (半透光窗帘)

Night curtains are designed to block up to 95% sunlight and give you optimum privacy to you and your family during the night.

Night curtains are often paired with day curtains & are the most popular and affordable choice in Johor & Malaysia.

  • Made with thick fabric heavier than day curtains
  • Block up to 95% of sunlight
  • Provide optimum privacy
  • Reduce nose, diffuse the sun’s incoming UV rays and heat
Reenex Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains (不透光窗帘)

Blackout curtains are designed to give any rooms where total darkness is required.

It blocks 100% of sunlight and pretty effective in providing insulation against noise.

It is a great choice and extremely suitable for people who are very sensitive to light when sleeping.

  • Made with thickest premium fabric
  • Block 100% of the sunlight
  • Provide maximum privacy
  • Ideal choice for bedrooms

4 Important Tips On How To Choose Curtains

Don’t know how to choose curtains for your home? Let Reenex Curtain Design with 11 years of experience in curtain design guide you!

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